Guest account

Definition of a guest user

Anyone who does not have UNIL computer access is considered a guest user on the PrintUNIL service. In order to print, copy or scan, it is necessary to have a personal email address and to follow the procedure described below. The same terms of use are applied to a guest user.

Warning: A guest account is deleted after 1 year of inactivity (if no print, copy, or scan have been done). If the account is deleted, the print credit balance is lost.

Create a guest account

Fill out the following form with a valid email address to automatically receive your PrintUNIL service username and password.


Please enter your email address :

By pressing "Envoyer", you agree to

the terms of use of PrintUNIL.



Print, copy or scan on PrintUNIL

Once your guest account has been created, you will be able to immediately login to PrintUNIL printers with the username and password received by email.

You can use the InternetUNIL computers or the search stations at the Unithèque to print your documents in black and white (PrintUNIL printer) and color (PrintUNIL-Couleur printer). Installing PrintUNIL printers on your personal computer is not possible.

Warning: To print from Mac computers, it is necessary to precede your username with "printunil \" (example: printunil \ guest42) during authentication. On Mac to enter a '\', press Alt + Shift + 7.

To copy or scan, you can connect to a PrintUNIL printer and choose the "Copie" or "Lire et envoyer" option.


Buy printing credits

If you wish, you can go to one of the desks below and buy printing credits.

  1. Desk of la BCUL site de l'Unithèque
  2. Desk of la BCUL site de l'Internef
  3. Desk of la BCUL site de la Riponne
  4. Desk of la BiUM



Price Printing credits
CHF. 5.- 50
CHF. 10.- 100
CHF. 20.- 200
CHF. 30.- 300
CHF. 40.- 400
CHF. 50.- 500