Terms of use

The following terms and conditions have been validated by the UNIL management on June 6, 2011 and presented to the FAE on June 8, 2011.

1 Purpose of PrintUNIL

The UNIL Computer Center (Ci) provides the UNIL students with self-service multifunction printers in the corridors of some UNIL buildings. This project is called PrintUNIL and aims to provide UNIL students, soon all equipped with laptops and Wi-Fi users, a real mobile office.

1.1 Number of multifunction printers and location

  • 28 multifunction Canon BW
  • 13 multifunction Canon color
  • The multifunction printers are available in free access to the following locations:
    • Anthopole, level 2 next to the "Reprographie"
    • Internef, level 2 in the main hall and at the BDSE
    • Amphipôle, level 3 in the hall
    • Amphimax, level 4
    • BiUM, Chemin des Falaises 2
    • César-Roux 19, offices 01.07 and 01.09c
    • Unitèque, level 4 at the library
    • Geopolis, level 2 in the hall


1.2 The main features of PrintUNIL

  • Print in black-white or color, recto or both sides
  • Photocopy in black-white or color, recto or both sides
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner sending the document to the UNIL mailbox
  • The student can send his/her printings on PrintUNIL from:
    • his/her laptop (Windows 7 and later, Mac OS 10.7 and later)
    • an InternetUNIL terminal 
    • a computer classroom administered by the Ci
    • a research computer of the BCU at the Unithèque
  • PrintUNIL works according to the principle of traveling printing. All prints are sent to a virtual printer, so they will be available on any MFP
  • The UNIL CampusCard identifies users.


2 Costs

Pricing list of PrintUNIL services :

Attention: Black-white prints are at the color rate on "PrintUNIL-Color" printers

2.1 Printing credits

Print credits offered

300 at the beginning of each semester (1.08 and 1.02) up to a maximum of 600 credits. (see examples below)

Package of 100 additional credits

CHF 10.-

Charging places


Take the case of some PrintUNIL accounts just before and after the automatic distribution of free credits. This situation can occur at the beginning of each semester, in February or August.

Solde avant Solde après Commentaire
-48 printing credits 252 printing credits

The student receives all the credits offered for the semester, ie 300.

240 printing credits 540 printing credits

The student receives all the credits offered for the semester, ie 300.

420 printing credits 600 printing credits

The student receives only 180 credits because no free credit is offered beyond a balance of 600.

600 printing credits 600 printing credits

The student receives no printing credit because the ceiling of 600 is reached.

720 printing credits 720 printing credits

If a student has bought credits beyond the limit of 600, his or her due is retained but he or she will not receive free credits either, because the ceiling of 600 is reached.

In calculating the balance of credits, no difference is made between credits purchased or those offered by UNIL.

3 Conditions of access and validity of credits

  • The PrintUNIL system is primarily intented to students registered at the UNIL. Nevertheless, the UNIL employees and transients may use it.
  • To use the service, the student must have his/her UNIL account access open and activated and have a validated CampusCard.
  • Print credits have no monetary value, they can not be converted into money.
  • Credits are non-transferable.
  • When closing the UNIL account (exmatriculation, ...), the PrintUNIL account is closed too. All unused credits are lost. They can not be refunded.

4 Litigation

  • In the case of printing credits loss due to a technical failure, the user can contact the Help desk (021 / 692 22 11 or to obtain a printing credit refund. He/she must indicate the date, time and machine that malfunctioned, the number of lost pages and his/her username. If the request is justified, the Ci will refund the printing credits within 5 working days.
  • The Ci is not doesn't intervene for losses fewer than 50 units because of the 600 credits that are offered each year.
  • The Ci does not, in any case, refund in cash.
  • The UNIL Computer Center offers no guarantee that PrintUNIL will function properly and cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from the failure of printing.

5 General rules

  • These conditions are valid for the PrintUNIL system, as of August 1, 2011.
  • As PrintUNIL is subject to change, the Ci reserves the right to proceed, without notice or compensation, to any modification of the services, their contents and / or these conditions of use which will remain available on the


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