SSTE information sheets

UniSEP's SSTE Domain creates and publishes information documents related to health and safety at work at UNIL. These documents (booklet and information sheets) cover different topics and allow a simple and practical communication about health and safety at work.

The booklet "Health and safety at work and during studies" gives an overview of the different topics covered in the information sheets.

Fiche Bases légales-resize80x106.png

Legal bases

Fiche EPI-2resize80x106.png

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Fiche BPL-resize80x106.png

Good laboratory practice

Fiche Gaz-resize80x106.png

Gas cylinders

Fiche Radioprotection-2resize80x106.png

Ionizing radiations

Fiche Cryogénique-resize80x106.png

Cryogenic products

Fiche Stockage chimique-resize80x106.png

Chemical storage

Fiche Hottes-resize80x106.png

Laboratory hoods

Fiche FDS-2resize80x106.png

Safety data sheets (SDS)


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